Best Brush for Husky — a Quick Fur Cleanup


Few dogs look as stunning as a Siberian Husky. These noble canines can withstand the coldest weather, and it’s no wonder people in the North of our planet use them for pulling their sleighs.

It’s also no wonder why so many people want to keep them as pets. You yourself ought to know — after all, you wouldn’t be Googling the best brush for Husky fur for nothing.

5 Best Brushes for Huskies

The very look of this brush will let you know that the undercoat of your Husky will get what it deserves.

It’s a simple undercoat rake-like brush with a rounded handle. Coastal sells these rakes in both single and double row versions.

Furthermore, you can get them with or without rotating teeth. Whatever version you get, it will prove to be a great tool for your Husky.

It will remove excess hair easily and won’t harm your pup at all.

Potential Flaws of Coastal Safari

Most users complained about two particular issues. 

The first is how functional the product was. The Coastal Safari didn’t, for example, fully satisfy users with dogs that have long hair; some of them were even Husky owners.

They reported that the rake didn’t brush properly, or that a single-row version didn’t catch as much hair as other single-row brushes on the market.

The other issue users reported was that the product arrived with broken parts. If you don’t want to fear receiving a broken product, maybe you can skip to one of the next products on this list.

Now, this product is a bit more universal when compared to other brushes.

For example, it will work on a cat as much as it would on your Husky. This isn’t a surprise, considering how dedicated DakPets is to grooming most domestic animals properly.

The DakPets de-shedding tool looks and “runs” smoothly, with no issues when it comes to the grip or the teeth. But it’s a bit more than that.

Dogs actually look forward to grooming once they’ve had a taste of this product. And no product that can make the pet enjoy brushing can be called bad.

Potential Flaws of the DakPets De-shedding Tool

Even with some pet owners reporting how their Huskies loved DakPets products, there were customers that thought and felt otherwise. However, their accounts differ a lot. 

For example, some dogs with longer hair didn’t enjoy the DakPets de-shedding tool because it removed a bit too much. Not to mention that it also felt painful from time to time.

Other users, however, noted that the brush barely kept any hair when they used it. Either way, if you feel like your pet might be injured from this product, feel free not to buy it, and move on to the next.

Not many brushes can boast to truly be an “all-in-one” product. Miu Pet has worked hard on making one such product, and it’s this 3 in 1 brush.

With its sleek design and stainless steel combs, this de-shedder can groom small, medium or large dogs, Huskies included. All you have to do is replace the brush section with one that’s appropriate in size for your pet.

The handle is made of non-slippery material, so you can always have a good grip on it. The material is also eco-friendly, so don’t be afraid of any rashes or skin allergies when using it.

It’s easy to clean and maintain, and the manufacturer will replace any broken parts, be it brushes or handles.

Potential Flaws of the Miu Pet De-shedding Tool

Like a few brushes before it, the Miu Pet De-shedding tool has the issue with retaining any hair after a stroke. This has happened to users with all three of the brushes they got with it.

The brushes themselves didn’t seem to agree with a number of pets. People reported their Huskies, other dogs and cats running away when they spotted this de-shedder.

Frightening the pet is never a good idea, and you might want to get a brush that will get your Husky to enjoy being groomed.

Another, albeit minor, problem is how “complex” the Miu Pet de-shedder is to use. If you have more than one pet, you might have to switch between different brushes often; that can become tedious, and you’re therefore probably better off with having two or three regular brushes. 

Unlike the previous products, this Rubold tool isn’t specifically for brushing. Its primary purpose is to get rid of matted or tangled hair of your Husky, and it does so pretty well.

One look at it and you’ll spot that each tooth has two heads, and they are all rounded. That way, the Rubold de-matting tool won’t harm the skin of your Husky.

Of course, this tool does more than just untangle knotty locks. It also performs basic brushing, which will leave your dog’s coat fresh, shining and without pesky tangles.

Moreover, it’s a very safe tool for both you and your Husky. Its handle is made of a sturdy, yet grip-friendly material, making it easy to use.

Potential Flaws of the Rubold De-matting Tool

The worst thing for a manufacturer is to design a product which won’t hurt a dog, but it ends up doing it anyway. When it comes to the Rubold de-matting tool, the overwhelming majority of negative reviews dealt with how much it harmed the pets it was used on.

Despite the curved teeth, the brush itself tends to pull on the dog’s hair, causing pain. Furthermore, it can also pull out healthy hair, leaving your Husky’s skin exposed.

There were other issues reported as well, but this one, in particular, hits hard because the whole idea behind the brush was that it had to be safer than others. Safety is the most important thing about brushes, so avoid this brush if you’re afraid it might harm your pup.

Here we have a brush that comes with a 10-year warranty. It’s no wonder HappyDogz is proud of this one.

One look at the brush section lets you know that it was designed to be both useful AND fun. The teeth are close to one another, guaranteeing that loose hair will stay between them.

But the design of the handle is far more interesting; it’s a bit curved, like a tiny squeegee. This was done on purpose to let you have a better grip and better maneuvering when you brush your Husky.

Potential Flaws of the HappyDogz Magic Pro Brush

While the brush looks and works well, it’s obviously better suited for smaller dogs, or rather dogs with shorter hair.

People have reported that the HappyDogz Magic Pro “pulled” rather than brushed the hair of their Huskies. That is never a good thing, and it’s good that the product has a long warranty.

Other issues this brush has largely include quality. There has been a number of reviews that brought up broken or cracked handles.

Of course, the warranty covers any damage, but the product ought to be durable from the get-go. If you also feel that way, you might try avoiding HappyDogz Magic Pro.

Brushing a Husky

husky sitting on the floor besides an undercoat rake and shedded fur

Huskies shed their whole coat twice a year, which goes to show you just how important it is to get yourself the right brush. It might surprise you, however, to hear that a typical Husky has two different coats of fur.

​The Overcoat

What we call an “overcoat” with Huskies is actually the outer layer of hair that every other breed has. It’s what you’d only call a “coat” with the German Shepherd or the Dachshund. Naturally, it’s the coloration of this coat that made you choose your little buddy to begin with.

Overcoats of Huskies are also known as “guard coats.” They protect the dog from UV radiation, moisture, dirt, and various debris. It’s the more rugged, firmer of the two coats. But it’s far from being the only coat a Husky has.

The Undercoat

Unlike the overcoat, the undercoat of the Husky is soft and fluffy. It’s the insulator that the dog uses to maintain warmth.

Normally the hairs are shorter and smoother, and they keep the Husky both hot and cool, depending on the weather.

It’s these hairs that the Husky sheds far more than those of the overcoat. As such, the proper brush is required to get them in order.

What to Look for in the Best Brushes for Huskies?

There are five details you ought to look out for when buying brushes for Huskies:

  • Durability
  • ​Ease of use
  • ​Breed exclusivity
  • ​Performance
  • ​Type of brush


Like all tools, brushes tend to break. The last thing you need is a brush that will snap in your hands while you’re going over your Husky’s coat.

As such, the best thing to do is to look for a brush that “runs” smoothly but stays firm. Usually, you’ll see offers from manufacturers that sound like “we will replace your broken brush, no questions asked.”

Don’t worry, this replacement policy isn’t anything to be suspicious over. The retailer (or manufacturer) simply takes their brush quality seriously.

Seek out products with long warranties. Normally, those brushes stand out when it comes to overall quality.

​Ease of Use

A brush will not work for you if you can’t use it properly. But that problem doesn’t necessarily have to be your fault.

Some brushes are just poorly designed. Their handle can have a rugged or a crooked grip. Or maybe the brush section catches too much hair or none at all.

Always make sure the brush you buy will be suitable for you to use. Nothing damages a Husky’s hair more than a brush that its owner struggles with.

​Breed-Exclusive, or at Least Breed-Friendly​

Not all dogs have hair of the same length.

Some breeds have coats that consist of long, wavy hairs. Others feel like freshly mown lawn or a child after having a haircut.

Naturally, not every brush will fit every dog. Therefore, as a Husky owner, you ought to look for brushes that cover either all breeds, larger breeds only or Huskies alone.

But even that can be a tricky choice. Some brush retailers certainly do *advertise* that their products fit all dog breeds.

Yet we know that you know better, so let’s move onto the next important step…

​Performance Reviews

Whenever you plan on buying products for your canine friend, always, ALWAYS pay attention to how well they’re rated.

This, of course, applies to all products, you wisely say, but unlike most products, a bad brush can actually harm your dog.

It becomes your responsibility, then, to avoid buying one such brush. It will save you time, money and lots of nerves.

​Type of Brush

No, not all brushes do the same thing. Some are good for the undercoat alone. Other brushes can be used for de-shedding, i.e., to reverse the process of losing hair.

And then there are brushes you use to untangle or de-matt hairs of your Husky pal. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to thoroughly research the brush you’d like to buy. You might avoid buying the wrong one if you check.

The Dos and Don’ts of Brushing

We have to talk about the approach to brushing your little buddy. After all, Huskies aren’t like other breeds — they require a bit of work on this front.

  • 1
    If you have a pup Husky, it’s better to begin grooming as early as then. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing/adopting an older Husky, make sure to know about how often the owner groomed it if they groomed it at all.
  • 2
    ​Make sure to groom the dog ​AT LEAST​ once a week. Naturally, it would be ideal to do so ​once every day.​​​​​​​
  • 3
    ​Never ​shave​ or ​clip​ the coat. There's really no need to do this with breeds like huskies, as ​grooming will be enough.​​​​​​
  • 4
    ​In addition,never forget to brush their ​legs, belly and under-tail​ region. They are just as important as the hair on their backs or necks.​​​
  • 5
    ​Finally, be caareful with ​de-shedders​. Not only will they take loose hair, but they can also pluck out healthy, normal hair, which could feel painful to your little buddy.​​​

So What Do I Pick?

Normally, dog owners can be picky with any product. We want our dogs to eat the best food, play with the most durable toys, etc.

Grooming isn’t exempted from this either. So it’s not really all that surprising to say that there isn’t a single best brush for Husky fur out there.

Since that’s the case, you might consider getting the best brushES.

Now, we don’t mean “buy more than one,” although that could be an option as well. We’re talking about buying the best brush that suits your situation.

If your Husky’s hairs tangle a lot, Rubold might be the way to go. Coastal Safari, on the other hand, can help you if you only want to take care of the undercoat.

The other three on this list are “all-in-one” products, but if you have a smaller Husky (or a puppy), Miu Pet might be a good starting point.

As it grows old, switching to either the HappyDogz Magic Pro or the DakPets de-shedding tool can be a good idea.

Always remember to discard any brush that doesn’t make your Husky happy, though. What might seem like the best brush for Husky fur could turn out to be the wrong choice if the dog fears it.

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